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Using Outlook to open your professional email

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How to open your professional email from Outlook for Mobile Devices and Windows?

Have a professional email like ( and it is hard for you to open it?

This article will help you to open your email using Outlook App which is available for Android, iOS devices and Windows.

Follow the steps below to open your email account:

1. If you have already email account, open the Outlook app and select Add Account screen, select IMAP.

2. Put all the required details as you can see in the photo

  • Display Name: Enter your name (or business name).
  • Description: This can be your e-mail address or anything else as it is only visible on your phone.

3. Sometimes, if you cannot log in, click on retry button until you got more options where you can put more information like:

  • IMAP Incoming Mail Server: mail.yourdomain (e.g.:
  • IMAP Username: Enter your entire e-mail address (e.g.:
  • IMAP Password: Enter your e-mail password.
  • SMTP Outgoing Mail Server: mail.yourdomain (e.g.:
  • SMTP Username: Enter your entire e-mail address (e.g.:
  • SMTP Password: Enter your e-mail password.

4. Tap sign in to finish.

5. Once you finish the Outlook will verify your settings, and you will be taken to your Inbox.

6. Then you can put your signature, by select setting then signature and start to write the signature suits your company.

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